Dr. Lea Padgett
Laboratory Supervisor

Contact Info:

Fax: 912-344-3433
Office: Room 2105 Science Center
e-mail: Lea.Padgett@armstrong.edu

Course Materials

Recent Publications
1. Padgett, L. W., Shim, J.-Y., Howlett, A. C. Binding mode prediction of conformationally restricted anandamide analogs within in the CB1 receptor. J. Mol. Signalling [Online] 2008, 3, Article 5. http://www.jmolecularsignaling.com/content/3/1/5 (accessed 26 February 2008).
2. Huffman, J. W., Smith, V. J., Padgett, L. W. Acylation of N-p-toluenesulfonylpyrrole under Friedel-Crafts conditions: evidence for organoaluminum intermediates. Tetrahedron 2008, 64, 2104.
3. Huffman, J. W., Padgett, L. W., Isherwood, M. L., Wiley, J. L., Martin, B. R. 1-Alkyl-2-aryl-4-(1-naphthoyl)pyrroles: New high affinity ligands for the cannabinoid CB1 and CB2 receptors. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 2006, 16, 5432-5435.
4. Howlett, A. C., Padgett, L. W., Shim, J.-Y. Cannabinoid Agonist and Inverse Agonist Regulation of G-protein Coupling. Book Chapter. Accepted for publication.
5. Huffman, J. W. and Padgett, L. W. Cannabimimetic Indoles, Pyrroles, and Indenes. Curr. Med. Chem. 2005, 12, 763-771.
6. Padgett, L. W. Recent Developments in Cannabinoid Ligands. Life Sci. 2005, 77, 1767.
7. Knight, L. W.; Huffman, J. W.; Isherwood, M. L. 2-Bromo-N-(p-toluenesulfonyl)pyrrole: A Robust Derivative of 2-Bromopyrrole. Synlett. 2003, 13, 1993-1996.
8. Knight, L. W.; Padgett, C. W.; Huffman, J. W.; Pennington, W. T. 2-Bromo-N-(p-toluenesulfonyl)pyrrole. Acta Cryst. 2003, E59, o762-o764.